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Committed to excellence in representing our clients' complex real estate needs.

At LandCo, our goal is to provide our clients with superior results-oriented legal representation in handling our clients' complex real estate needs. We are committed to the zealous and aggressive representation of our clients within the bounds of ethics, as well as the obligation to hold our clients' trust and confidences above all else.
We bring our extensive experience to bear in providing the highest quality legal services to our clients, and accept nothing less than excellence from ourselves in our work product for our customers. LandCo provides personal attention and continuous availability. At LandCo, we understand that results, not just effort, matter, and we apply our creativity, legal knowledge, and relentless determination.

We provide a wide array of real estate legal services to companies and individuals in complex commercial and residential development, zoning, securities and investment litigation, real estate fraud litigation and trusts, among others.

LandCo represents a variety of real estate owners, developers, sellers, purchasers, brokers, commercial landlords and tenants in all types of commercial and residential real estate issues such as development, planning and zoning.